Employment Opportunities at Americable

Americable International, Inc. is an equal employment opportunity employer. Applicants for employment are hired according to education, training, skill, and personal requirements for particular positions regardless of race, age, sex, national origin, or religion. Career Opportunities with Americable offer a wide range of possibilities. Every position with Americable, will involve you and each employee in a challenging learning experience in customer service and customer courtesy.

Below are a list of positions and their job descriptions:

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Construction Laborer & Installer

  • Construction Technician & Installer Technician

  • Construction Supervisor

  • System Technician

  • Chief Technician

  • Technical Support Desk Techniciansjob description

  • Network and desktop Technicians

  • Network Engineer/ Systems Administrator

To apply for one of the positions please fill out our job application.

And please send us a resume to "jobs...@americablejapan.com". All submitted resumes are kept on file and once a position becomes available candidates are contacted.

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